Monday, June 2, 2008

Name That Concoction

I made up a recipe last week that turned out quite delicious. Sometimes my creations don't pan out, but this one is a keeper. It was a concoction of shrimp and asaparagus baked in a portobello mushroom cap. The shrimp and asaparagus was all held together by a little egg, some ricotta, a few breadcrumbs, parmesan and seasonings.

Now I just need to name it. Asparagus + shrimp = aspimp. Ass pimp? Or maybe shrimpagus is better.

I kinda like the sound of Aspimp Imperial. bahaaaaaa!!!


schue said...

Hahahaha, I like Shrimpagus. i'm going to try the grilled pineapple sometime this week.

Kelly said...

Sounds yummy.

I like Asspimp and Shrimpagus equally.

Keep it simple - call it Larry.

Los said...

Weren't we having this conversation on Saturday?

BTW - the BLT pizza was fantastic!

Dorka said...


like lemincello but different