Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Little Self-Conscious

I'm starting to get a complex. Everyday for the last few weeks, there are dozens ... no hundreds ... of emails in my spam filter at work that say:

"You look really stupid BabsPeapod."

or another popular one ....

"What a stupid face you have here Babs Peapod."

I wonder if they got ahold of this picture from years and years ago? (like back when the Fuzz and Bwandon lived in the city .. it's their house in the background)

That would explain the other one:

"Barbra Peapod, lose the bloat!"


SGM said...

No Way!
Hundreds? Everyday?
That is so weird!

I wish the evil-doer of this spam attack the fleas of a thousand camels (and you and I both know how wretched those beasts are!)

I think you look great!

SGM said...

Let me rephrase that - you look great - except in the picture you posted - you do look a little weird in that - sorry

Cary said...

Yeah, well, just be glad you don't have a penis. You'd love the spam.