Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday's Miracle Worker

It's not often that you'll hear me talking religion (and I'm not gonna start now, so don't worry). I don't care if other people do, but sharing my own beliefs is just uncomfortable territory for me. Seriously ... don't worry, I'm not gonna start preaching, but I am going to share another one of my miracle workers with you. Dr. Irgau and Lori made me look better on the outside, and this person has made me better on the inside. I would call her my spiritual miracle worker.

Meet Sister R .....

I work with Sister R, and have for about 13 years. A little bit about her ..... she has dedicated her life to teaching, helping people, advocating for peace and social justice in way that isn't about giving handouts or enabling people. She is a nun, she's got a great sense of humor, she's a Senior Vice President of a large company, a beautiful orator, a writer, and an inspiration for thousands of people.

Often times, she is asked to open a meeting, and always does so with a "reflection." Over the years, I've come to look forward to her relfections. They're not sermons, prayers, preachings, bible recitations. But she has an unbelievable gift of being able to deliver a message that can truly touch every person in the room in a very personal way. (No, people do not bust out in tears and fall on the floor!) Last year when my Mom got sick and so many people around me were dying, she made a point to come visit me, talk to me, offer encouraging words .... I really feel like she cared about me and wanted to make sure I was okay so I could be supportive to others. She was just what I needed.

Her words miraculously soothe, comfort, guide, inspire ..... she doesn't sugarcoat or paint rosy pictures when they aren't appropriate. She has a gentle way of keeping me (and others I'm sure) grounded and with a healthy perspective on life.

I'll admit, this all seemed a little too kumbaya-ish for me when I first started with my company. Mission? Values? A corporate nun? But over the years I've really come to know her and love her. She is a brilliant star in my life, and never fails to inspire me to try to be a good person and do the right thing.

Have you ever felt humbled by a person because they are soooooo "good?" That's how I feel around her ..... I'm truly humbled by her greatness.


Los said...

There are people who have this kind of a gift ... maybe they have a large amount of charisma ... but I think it's more, almost like another sense, if that makes any ... sense.

schue said...

I think all companies should have someone like her!

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Gotta tell ya, Babs - I am LOVING this Miracle Worker series!! There are so many people in our lives who make such a difference, and they should be acknowledged publicly. All.The.Time.

Well done!

SGM said...

Nuns scare me.... but not as much as clowns.

(12 years of nuns in school is what did it. I have no such explanation for my fear of clowns)

Sandi said...

I have been looking forward to each of your "Miracle Workers" every day. Thank you for sharing with us.