Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday's Miracle Worker

Time to share another miracle worker in my life (this is exciting). This time I'm talking about my friend and fabulous hairdresser, Ms. Lori Ann McCloskey. Here she is:

Linda & Lori

Lori is the daughter of my friends Linda and Richie, which is how I met her. I knew the minute I heard she was going to be cutting hair that I wanted to break up with my old hairdresser (sorry Henry!), and have her whip this lid into shape! Her own hair always looks stunning, and she makes Linda's hair look beautiful too. I knew this would be good ... and I was right!!

See my new do .... (and this is after I got rained on)

She's talented, creative, stylish, and best of all she's a very sweet person. She always makes me feel good about myself after a visit. I first went to see her after I had lost a bunch of hair due to a protein deficiency (which is over now, thank heavens!). I couldn't face Henry, and I really felt self-conscious about my thinning hair. I knew it was going to take more than just talent to make this mess look good -- I needed a bonafide miracle worker, and that's exactly what I found with Lori.

In fact I went to see her last week for the first time in her new salon, and I'm convinced when I left that EVERYBODY on the street was looking at me and my knockout hair!! I mean, crowds were forming and the paparazzi was taking pictures .... that's how gorgeous my hair looked.

So don't pass go, don't collect $200 ..... call immediately (215-925-2211) to make an appointment with Lori at Salon Vanity (1126 Walnut Street) in Philadelphia!! You too can add her to your own collection of miracle workers!!!


schue said...

Look everyone! IT's Fabs-Babs!

Linda said...

OMG this article was so nice of you. I can't wait to share with Lori. You and your hair are simply fab. Let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on all the weight loss and the long road getting there. Thank God you haven't changed the real Lisa who is sweet, fun, crazy and a really great friend.