Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm Ms. Heat Miser

Thank goodness it's cooling off today! The heat is making me crabby, and last night I was within a hair's breath of stomping the crap out of anything I could find .... just because. My sunglasses almost bought it, and I'm glad I didn't go all Heat Miser on them because I really like them ... alot.

My house has no air conditioning, except a window unit on the 3rd floor where the bedroom is. I have fans in the important spots, so it's not completely horrible -- but it's not great either. Davey Dogs can't take it at all, and is equally as miserable.

I had a relaxing, committment-free evening in sights -- then got called to attend a last minute meeting from 4:30 - 7:00 in the city. Who plans a meeting at this time? Anyway, I felt the need to be responsible, so I went. Boy was that a mistake!! Being responsible can be highly overrated. The room was hot and stuffy, and it went over by 35 minutes. I'm not very patient when it comes to meetings anyway, and running overtime with no apparent conscience of what time it is completely pisses me off. Rude rude rude.

Then I got home and had to make dinner .... which also means cleaning up. DD had made a salad, but I saw the steaks and potatoes sitting on the counter and knew what he wanted me to do. It was a 20-minute meal, but ugh -- I just didn't feel like it. Alas, I fired up the grill, and my backyard quickly went from 100 to 150 degrees. As I took the steaks off the grill, the heat melted my mascara into one big eyelash. I guess I should just be happy they didn't get singed right off my body.

Luckily I'm pretty fast with cooking and cleaning up the kitchen, so it wasn't long before I was ready to relax in front of the tube. I plopped down, but DD kept twitching ... trying to get comfy in front of the fan. His legs were bothering him, so he put his feet up on the coffee table. No big deal, except he put his feet right on top of all my mail and junk. I admit it was a big pile of clutter -- and it was driving me nuts -- but he didn't move it out of his way and it irritated the shit out of me that everything was sliding all over the place into a big stew of paper and crap. He was completely oblivious to the pile, but I sat there ... watching and stewing and seething as everything slipped .... little by little, getting worse and worse ..and closer to falling over the place. I felt my internal temperature rising as I envisioned throwing the pile through the front window ..... setting it on fire .... throwing my head back and screaming. After about 10 seconds Mt. St. Disco Bubbles blew and I "took care of" the pile.

Do you ever get steaming mad about nothing at all? A series of "nothing" events that accumulate into an outburst? That's how I was last night. I just wanted to punch something -- and for no good reason at all. I don't lose my temper often, but when I do it's usually because I'm worn out, hot, and something totally inconsequential is the last straw. Then I explode for 2 minutes and I'm done.

Is that an anger management issue? I don't know ... maybe.

Oh well, I'm just glad it's cooler today and the Heat Miser is back in hibernation.


schue said...

Whoa....i'm scurred! I can't take the heat. Our central air doesn't really cool the upstairs, but with the help of the ceiling fans and 2 floor fans,I actually slept pretty comfortably.

Los said...

I think the heat definitely has something to do with people losing it (and for no reason most of the time). Just look at the Middle East - it's always frickin' hot there, and there are millions and millions of illogical hot-heads over there who can't wait to blow up the world, given the chance.