Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ethiopian Cuisine

Last night I went to an Ethiopian restaurant. It was my first time for trying Ethopian cuisine, and since I'm a lover of (almost) all foods, I was very open to the idea.

The verdict?

Never again.

It didn't bother me that you had to eat with your hands. Or that the restaurant had no air-conditioning (and it was hotter than ... well, Ethiopia). Or that everything was on one big shared plate.

All of our dishes were in a big tray, on top of some kind of special "bread." But the bread wasn't like pita ... or naan .. or a pizza crust. It was more like a wet sponge. ackkkk!!! Soggy bread is not a friend of mine!!!! Not only does the food sit on top of the soggy sponge, but each person gets their own soggy sponge bread to tear into pieces and use to pick up your food. I'll eat lots and lots of things, but a piece of wet soggy sponge is not one of them.

If I'd had a fork -- and none were to be had -- I would have happily eaten the stuff on top of the soggy mat. It wasn't great, but it was edible.

In all likelihood, I'd be among the starving if I lived in Ethiopia.


Los said...

I don't mind dipping my breat in gravy, sauce, or even fat ... I just don't want a soggy piece of bread ... and you know how important bread is to me!

Kelly said...

When I think of cuisine I like, or would like to try, Ethiopian has never crossed my mind.
From my childhood, Ethiopia = starving children.

Now that I know it is soggy-bread-based cuisine, I'm out.

schue said...

Ewwww, I remember swimming at my friend's house, and there was always a wet soggy pretzel on the ground. Probably one of the most distgusting things i ever stepped on.

Dorka said...

Two things in the sink make me gag (and sometimes throw up in my mouth)...cigarette butts or soggy bread or pretzels. I can't even imagine what would happen if I woke up with a hangover only to find both of the offenders in the sink at once.

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Oh, honey - it just sounds like a bad bread experience - the E. restaurant we go to, they keep the bread to the side, and the rest of the food is kind of buffet style. The bread is, um, a little more porous than usual, but not soggy. That is unfortunate.