Monday, March 31, 2008

So Much for Technology

I'm trying to figure out how to get pictures from my photo printer to my laptop. I got the cord and the software, but STILL can't quite get it right. I'm not sure who's worse with technology, Davey Dogs or me.

As I was working on it, Davey Dogs asked me, "What's on the tape?"

Me: "What tape?"

He pointed at the CD as I loaded it into the tray.

Me: "You mean the CD?"

DD: (Laughing, like I'm correcting him.) "Yeah, what's on it?"

Me: "It's software so I can get pictures from one place to the other."

DD: "Oh, so you can see them on the TV?"

Me: "No, on my laptop ... not the TV."

DD: "You know what I meant ... I'm old school."

Me: "Honey, people didnt watch picture CDs on TV in the old school."

I may have known the pictures are on a "CD" and will show on my "Laptop" and not the TV, but my pictures are still trapped in my camera! When it comes to technology, neither of us should be too quick to sign up for "Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader."


Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

A hint that took me a while to figure out - even though you're loading the pictures from your camera to the computer, and you've got the cords hooked up, you need to turn the camera on. E-mail me if you want - I'm a patient (and discreet) teacher. Promise.

Los said...

Exactly what Baroness said. Turn the camera on - give it a few minutes, then go to "My Computer." You should see all of your drives like the "C Drive", and the "DVD Drive." You should also see your camera here (not the picture - just a name for it). Click on this, and then you should see a file of your pictures (or your pictures). You can click, and drag these to your desktop.

schue said...

Yea - what they said. I finally figured out how to do it, with a little help from Los.