Thursday, March 6, 2008


I have to tell you ... I just watched a replay of the Brett Favre press conference where he says "goodbye" to football. He and I both cried through the whole thing! I'm sitting here with make-up running down my face and my neck and shirt are soaked with tears. His is one seriously beautiful man -- inside and out. His wife is a lucky woman. And he's so hot I can hardly stand it.


Los said...

Brett was one helluva quarterback. I don't think we've had one like this in Philly in quite a while, have we? I wonder if Favre would've had the same appeal in this city ... I'm guessing he would have.

I like McNabb, and really respect what he has done, but there's no way that his "passion" for the game and the city compares to Favre's. Jaworski had that passion, but he was nowhere near as good (even though he was good).

Kelly said...

I don't like man tears

carymc said...

He had a great career. But he was hell on a fantasy football team, especially if you lost points for INTs. Jiminy! Still - I agree with you, Lisa.. great guy, great player. I still laugh that the Falcons traded him away. No wonder they suck. Too many bonehead decisions.

carymc said...

Kelly - I don't like man boobs. Man tears are ok.

Superstar said...

I just wish he wasn't so dang cute!!!
maybe he will be Magic Johnson and the lakers??? hehehehe