Sunday, March 30, 2008

Illegal Immigrants

The debate over what to do, or not do, about illegal immigrants keeps appearing before me this morning ..... on TV, the newspaper, and even in blog world. It's one of those hot-button issues for me, and therefore I can't resist chiming in with my two cents. It INFURIATES me that anyone thinks this country owes anything to illegal immigrants. Except for maybe a ride home.

Let me first say, I'm not against immigration. But there are legal ways to enter, stay and become a citizen of this country. People who follow the legal process should be supported -- people who do not should be sent home. Immediately. Don't pass go, don't collect $200. Just go home. Don't even stop at one of our jails, just go home.

Giving jobs to illegal immigrants is nothing more than off-shoring jobs for cheap labor. It takes jobs from Americans (and legal immigrants) who want and need them. It's a form of tax evasion -- which is illegal. It sucks money out of our economy and puts nothing back in. I have to pay income taxes, so why shouldn't an illegal immigrant earning an income in our country -- is it because we have no way to track their presence here ... no way to track and charge them because they have no social security number or legal identification ... because employers don't report them on their payroll?? It's bullshit.

Any candidate(s) who thinks I, as a taxpayer, am willing to pay for the healthcare of an illegal immigrant should probably shop elsewhere for a vote. (By the way, I'm an independent who changes party registration based on whichever primary I want to vote in.) I'm already paying for my healthcare and the care of people on Medicare and welfare. And I'm paying a lot. So are you. To think that any of my legally, hard-earned money or any of our government's money will go to pay for healthcare, housing, financial aid for illegal immigrants really pisses me off.

I don't think it's unreasonable to expect our government to be responsible stewards of the funds with which they are entrusted. Given the pool of money isn't big enough to do everything we'd like to do, there have to be priorities. Taking care of the citizens of this country ... the tax-paying citizens .... the poor, but non-taxpaying citizens .... retired citizens ... the men and women in the military ... the 47 million LEGAL residents who don't have any insurance .... THIS should be where our priorites are set.

Where did I miss the law that said it's okay for our elected and unelected officials to support illegal activity? Isn't it another form of aiding and abetting? If I support illegal activity, I fully expect to be charged with a crime. Why is this even a debate when the law is clear? Illegal means "against the law" ... "not allowed." There are people in our country who are breaking the law, yet we're still having conversation about what to do about it. This makes me livid.

Here's a thought -- send them home. On boats, planes, trains, foot .... who cares. Send them home. Sure, they can come back .... but not until they follow the legal processes for immigration into our country. (What the hell, I can't even come back home from the Caribbean without spending $100 on a passport ... and I'm a citizen!) If you are here illegally, you are a drain on our economy, a risk to our national security, and you are certainly not entitled to any material benefits paid by our government.


Anonymous said...

Illegal aliens come to America and expect us to turn our country - its laws, its culture, its system of citizen benefits - on its ear to benefit them. Then they accuse us of being racist, bigoted, and hateful xenophobes for requiring them to follow the law that countless LEGAL immigrants took the time to follow. They refuse to acknowledge how their actions can rightfully be interpreted as insulting. They’re essentially saying, “We don’t give a damn about you, your laws, your country or your culture…gimme, gimme, gimme.”

I’m quite sure that anyone who opposes illegal immigration would have no problem with immigrants of any stripe coming here legally, according to our laws, to make a better life for themselves. But by countless millions invading our country and overwhelming our schools and social systems, criminal justice system, hospitals, degrading our economy, taxing our already fragile infrastructure, crowding our cities and elbowing their way into jobs that are required by law to be given to citizens and legal workers; its just a bit of a problem to those of us who demand that our immigration laws be followed. It’s not racist or bigoted to demand that anyone who wants citizenship show their dedication to their new country by following its laws pertaining to immigration. Breaking those laws as your first action in your “new country” does not sit well with the vast majority of American citizens nor will they ever accept it.

Anonymous said...

Illegal is illegal, I don't care who you are, Your nationality, your level of education, how much money you make and whether you became illegal by entering the country without a visa or inspection OR overstayed a visa you had from legal entry. Giving amnesty and rewarding illegal behavior is not the way to build a good system of law and order.

Anything short of deportation is amnesty. ALL illegals must return to their native land and, if they wish, they may then begin the LEGAL process of immigration to the U.S.

Anonymous said...

I am in favor of legal immigration. I am even in favor of a guest worker program to fill jobs if it is truly proven that there are not American citizens or legal immigrants available to fill them. I agree that many Mexicans are good hard working people with family values. I agree I would find it hard to live in a corrupt country that does not support its people. I will tell you though if I did live in another country I would certainly learn the language knowing that it would be the best way to function. It is illegal immigration that is endangering our country because there is no way to regulate the numbers that come here and adequately inspect arrivals for criminal background, diseases and a means of support so as to not be a burden to taxpayers. Thus we are unable to assimilate the new arrivals adequately so they can succeed and taxpayers can be unburdened by their costs. Instead, they set themselves up for failure and are essentially doomed to stay in an underclass exploited by business that hurts both the illegals and American citizens due to job loss and wage depression.
I oppose this exploited slave type labor underclass that has developed because of illegal immigration. I oppose the fact that legal immigrants have a much more difficult time getting good paying jobs and experiencing the American dream because they have to compete with illegal immigrants for jobs and wages. I oppose seeing poor Latin Americans exploited by unscrupulous employers that pay them short dollars under the table. These employers should prosecuted for violations of labor law and the 1986 IRCA. Never should they be eligible for a business license anywhere in the United States again. I am opposed to Mexico exporting their poor instead of dealing with them there because of their massive corruption that they will not address. I am opposed to groups like MEChA and La Raza (The Race) that openly advocate creating an apartheid style Hispanic only nation of Aztlan in what is the American South West. I am opposed to Hispanic separatist racist groups including La Raza, MEChA, LULAC, MALDEF, CHIRLA, La Voz de Atzlan, Zapatista Army of National Liberation and Mexicanos Sin Fronteras (Mexicans Without Borders). I am opposed to multiculturalism because it is unity that made this country great, not diversity and separatism. Diversity is only acceptable if it celebrates one’s culture but not at the expense of another and celebrates overall unity, not fragmentation and cultural dominance. Diversity without unity is Balkanization, which has been shown to cause conflicts and wars. Unity means that we are a diverse people working in freedom for a common goal of a strong united nation, the pursuit of happiness and a better life for all. Once we get a grip on our immigration process and end illegal immigration, we can strive to solve all the problems caused by it.

Anonymous said...

Illegal's mainly about these things:

An endless supply of cheap labor from Latin America and a goal to integrate these workers completely into our country to totally destroy our native and legal workforce. By making us totally powerless through enfranchisement of third world masses, a whole new uneducated population is created that can be led to keep particular political groups and politicians on top. Political power and cheap labor for business are the real reasons immigration rights groups are opposed to immigration law enforcement and successful immigration enforcement programs. We are looking at a radical shift in politics and an upheaval in American demographics resulting in the disenfranchisement of most current native American citizens and legal immigrants that have achieved citizenship.

There are no borders in the global economy of seeking out the cheapest labor possible. There is no allegiance to America by the merchants of destruction who seek out every dollar for their pocket at the expense of the American taxpayer and worker who bear the burden of these uneducated, mostly illiterate, transplants.

Thomas Jefferson saw it coming over 200 years ago when he said: “Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.”

Los said...

Nothing surprises me about this country. I'll go a step further. It enfuriates me that we are so tolerant of people who can't and won't speak English ... I'm OK with you speaking another language, but if you refuse to learn English, I have a problem with you. My parents came to this country in the late 1950's, and felt it was their duty to learn the language. Sure, they still screw it up a bit, but they learned it. Everyone should learn it AND USE IT!

Cary said...

I could not agree with you more, Lisa. It's really ridiculous that there is even a debate about this! Illegal is illegal. Be legal, or be gone. You are more than welcome IF you do it legally and abide by our country's laws like the rest of us must do.

Good point about coming home from the Caribbean. Ridiculous.