Thursday, January 24, 2008

Screw the Oscars .... I Have My Own Award!!!

While perusing the comments for yesterday's post, I found a little present from a fellow blogger - Scarlett. Yesterday she gave out "awards" to 10 bloggers she enjoys visiting ... and I, me, Barbra Peapod Disco Bubbles, was one of them. Yayyyyyy!!! Simple pleasures. I love reading her blog -- always funny, creative, a little twisted, sometimes sweet ... I always laugh while reading.

Anyway, I'd love to pass along the award to 10 bloggers I enjoy visiting, after all it would only be right to share some of the joys of my daily blogging rounds. Unfortunately, I don't think I know of ten -- I'm kinda new at this. (The ones I visit are off to the side .. go check 'em out!) So instead of doing that right now, I'll say thanks with a little poem in lieu of an acceptance speech. Here goes ....

There once was a girl named Scarlett
Who's a major blogging starlet
She gave me an award
Cuz shrimps ain't a word
Visit I'm No Belle to read about nipples and fartlettes.

(P.S. - Fartlettes would be girl farts ... if girls farted. They don't smell or make noise. If they did smell, if would be like flowers. If they made noise, it would sound like sweet music ... maybe a Madonna song. But they wouldn't sound like a dog barking underwater. Or smell like burning rubber. Nope.)


Los said...

I REALLY beg to differ about fartlettes. I have proof ... my wife.

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Yay on your award! Well deserved!! Thanks to you, I now have a favorite new word. You truly are a woman of infl(at)u(l)ence.

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

The fact that you made up the word "fartlettes" is proof that you deserve this award! Holy cow I am going to have to use that, but I will totally give you credit.