Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Interplanet Bubbles, She's a Galaxy Girl

The Philly news radio station that I listen to 2-3-4 times a day has been talking a little bit in the morning about Venus and Jupiter being in some kind of alignment with something. I'm not sure what ... the Earth, sun, moon, each other? I mean, what else would be big enough to cause a newsworthy alignment? Rosie O'Donnell's head?

Anyway, the morning news keeps telling me this week I'm supposed to be able to see a yellow-ish colored planet, sans telescope, around 7am in the southeastern sky. Now, I certainly have no aspirations of becoming an amateur astronomer -- maybe a gastronomer, but certainly not an astronomer -- however, I happened to be in the car at that time, and with a perfect view of the southeast I figured I'd take a look. I searched and searched but could not find anything remotely orb-like. I even pulled into a parking lot and looked more carefully in case I was missing something.

I'm a sucker, aren't I? There's no planetary thing going on, is there? I bet this is proof that I should attempt NO activity at all before I've completely finished two cups of coffee.

I'm not sure why I decided to share this because it's really not all that interesting. My other thought was to write about the dream I had last night. I have a work retreat to go to next week, but in my dream I messed up the date and showed up a week early. Instead of going home, I decided to camp in my office parking lot to wait for the retreat to begin. Davey Dogs was with me, and we slept in my parents' old 1971 Buick Station wagon -- poop brown, complete with panelling on the side, and 4 rows of seats. People that I work with were walking through the parking lot to go into work as we slept in this ginormous station wagon, curled up with our pillows and blankets. We "stored" our suitcases outside the car, lining our parking space like the samonsite version of a white picket fence. The whole thing looked like a make-shift trailer park ... but with a station wagon. Then I woke up. Very very weird.

By the way, does anybody recognize the inspiration for the title of this post?


Los said...

Actually, I don't have a clue about the title ... The first part sounds like a Beastie Boyz song.

About a year ago, I heard on the news that because it was a clear night, some people might be able to catch a view of the Space Shuttle at a specific time. I went outside at that time, and sure enough, I saw it. Kind of cool.

Rara said...

I'm clueless about the title Lisa, please enlighten.
last summer, up at the Lake were able to see the Space shuttle with a telescope. Very cool!Kids and adults alike were exited to be bale to see it.

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

Do you like to talk about your dreams? If I wake up and Big Daddy is still home, the first thing I do is tell him about my dream. When my mom was visiting, I got up, went to her room and told her about my dream. She groaned/ yelled "Ohhh! I was wondering when you were going to come in her and start talking about your dreams." Anyway, I was just hoping that you like to talk about them too, you know so that maybe I am not the only weirdo...not that that would make you a weirdo, it would just make me feel better about myself.

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Yarrr! It would appear as though BPDB, Scarlett Woman and The Baroness are sisters from another mother. I freak out the Baron when I start telling him about my dreams - they really are like movies. Weird Swedish art house movies, but nevertheless...

Do you think that the weirdness has to do with what we eat before we go to bed? (Me, I like a little peyote risotto.)

I love the suitcase picket fence idea - it's domestic and transient, all at the same time. You're a visionary, lady!

Lisa said...

Los & Rara -- I can't believe you don't remember Interplanet Janet (She's a Galaxy Girl) from Schoolhouse Rock! Treat yourself by checking her out ... she's got big hair, a dress, wings, a catchy song, and I didn't remember this, but she also had boobs. (something I wish I had!)rememhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfPEvKsme-c

(By the way, I do like the Beastie Boyz song of similar title -- Intergalactic Planetary)

Scarlett -- I doooo like recanting my dreams. They're usually on the bizarre side (like fencing myself in with suitcases), but rarely nightmares .. thanks goodness! I have a couple of dreams that have recurred throughout my lifetime.

Baronness --- Yessssss!! I dream more when I go to sleep on a full tummy. The fuller, the weirder!