Friday, January 25, 2008


Disclaimer: If your not in the mood for something completely trivial, proceed with caution.
So, I’m perplexed -- why are soap squirters that give you a handful of foam the latest rage?

The first one I noticed was “Dawn Direct Foam.” OK, no big deal. Then more brands started cropping up – before long they’ll take over the dish liquid section in the grocery store. Not only are there pre-foamed dish soaps, but they’ve expanded into hand and body versions too. Notice this: they’re all quite a bit pricier than the old fashioned kind. Yesterday I was looking through a catalog selling a “must-have” gadget that will convert your regular ole liquid soap into foam when you squirt. I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with having a household devoid of foamy soaps? Is it de classe? Unsanitarre'? Too yesterday?

I can’t make logical sense of the foam hype. It seems to me that it’s a way of delivering a smaller amount of product for more money. Foam is less concentrated than liquid, and the containers are the same size, if not smaller -- right? How can this be better for the consumer? It doesn’t seem to work better or feel better. I’ve washed my hands with a pre-foamed soap, and I don’t feel like there’s anything there. If I didn’t think people would look at me funny, I’d use a handful of foam as big as a softball just to wash my hands. And why does it cost more to poof some air into your soap so it squirts out as foam? Besides, soap turns into foam once you start swishing it around anyway – isn’t that good enough?

Perhaps I spent too many years of my life as a beer drinker, where the object is to NOT get foam. Foam is bad. In the world of beer, foam should never be anything more than a one-inch head in a frosty mug. Never would you pay extra for foam, or attach a gadget that converts your brew into a beer-meringue.

I don’t know, the whole thing seems pointless to me. Enlighten me, please, if you can …..


Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

It's the foam-erizer technology that you're getting dinged on at the check-out stand. I hope this isn't a deal breaker, Countess BPD Bubbles, but I have to come, er, clean. I get a hoot out of the foam. It kind of tickles. Yet I also feel important "scrubbing in". Like a surgeon. And yet lazy. Because I don't have to expend the energy to make the bubbles myself. So many feelings in one little bottle...Kind of like ouzo, but without the brain paralysis...

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Coicidence or not? I literally found this immediately after clicking off your post:

That must have been one mother of a dispenser!!

Stacie said...

Well, I confess, I'm among the foam loving population. It started out innocent enough, I had boys adn they used a lot of soap. Well...used is not the right word...they squirted a lot of soap into their hands and then wiped in on the towels in an attemtp to make me think they washed their hands. I converted to the foam because it was less mess and we didn't go through an entire dispenser per day after that...then something happened, I became hooked. I've been using Bath and Body Works foaming hand soap for years...It's smooth, it's creamy, it smells good, it doesn't dry my hands out, it kills germs and it's not slimy. I love it.

The foaming gizmo from Pampered Chef though that converts regular soap to foam? Not worth the money..that thing just does not work!

:) Wow...I guess I'm a bit of a soap connosuer (sp?) huh? LOL


Lisa said...

Baronness & Stacie, thanks for enlightening me. I really just couldn't figure out what thebig deal was, but I guess maybe it's better. Hmmm ... I may conduct a little test. The foam converter is really what made me scratch my head and wonder.

Baronness, the picture is fantastic ... I love it!

Los said...

This is like what Pepsi tried to do about 15 years ago, when they released Crystal Pepsi - remember, it was clear, like 7-Up, by it was cola? Was there a demand for this? Apparently not, as they discontinued it rather quickly.

schue said...

I gotta say,I don't think i'll buy it, but I do kinda like it. It's in my bathroom at work and all you do is wave your hand under it and it squirts out. So you dont even hav to touch anything.

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

I agree. I have been confused by it myself. I nearly crapped myself when I found out my nickel and dime mother in law put a foam pump! I don't get it, I want the just feels better.

twodoops said...

I don't get it either. I was shocked about 3 weeks ago when I needed dish soap and saw all the various pumps and colors and flavors. What the heck?? Just give me the plain ole dish soap! I think it lathers better and it feels cleaner!