Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Crystal Ball Says .....

I'm gonna borrow Los' idea and do a post on some predictions for 2008. I always thought that anybody could set up a card table and charge $5 for a fairly decent psychic reading, but I'll stop short of that and just try my hand at a few annual predictions.

1.) By the end of 2008 I'll have a new job. I don't know where (maybe a different position in the same company), but change is most certainly in the air.

2.) The Phillies will be in the World Series. I'm not picking up a win or loss vibe just yet, but I think they're gonna take us for a great ride this year.

3.) Baby boom will continue. I'm gonna go on a limb and say that little Fuzz and Shue will both have buns in the oven before end of 2008.

4.) The Foxwoods casino planned for the corner of Delaware & Reed will be relocated somewhere else in the city. (I hope that's not just wishful thinking!)

5.) As of today, the person who will get elected President of the USA is not a front-runner for either political party. (So it won't be Hillary, Barack, Mitt, Huckabee, or Edwards) Why in the world would anyone want that job anyway??? Cuckoo!!!

6.) Rachel Ray will continue to invent annoying childish words such as sammies and EVOO. The network that airs her talk show will realize she's horrible and cancel her talk show. From my fingertips to God's ears ..... please!!!!!!!!

7.) Paris Hilton will get pregnant and engaged. Jury's still out on whether there will be an associated sex tape.

8.) One of my Dad's books will get picked up by a publisher. He's written 3 so far, and #4 is in progress.

Next up ...... 2007 year in review, and maybe some things I'm looking forward to in 2008.


Sandi said...

Can I add that Britney Spears will end up in rehab again (yeah, I went out a limb with that one).

Robbie said...

Hi Lisa! I love your blog and all your funny funny humor. Happy New Year!

Robin (Kelly's sister)

schue said...

Paris will be preggers. Do you really think she's gonna let Nicole Richie and Jessica Alba steal all the preggers publicity from her?

Los said...

the jury is still out as to whether the person Paris is engaged to will also be the "baby-daddy."

Lisa said...

sandi - looks like your prediction for britney may already be true.

rob - HAYYYYYYY!!!!thanks for stopping by! hope you come to philly for a visit sometime soon.

shue - i should've added nicky hilton to the 'bun in the oven' clique.

los - i'm sure rick solomon will be involved in this somehow. ew!

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

I have a confession to make...Rachel Ray doesn't really tickle my fancy either. I've tried to get on board but there is just something about her that doesn't click with me.

Doreen said...

one more prediction. Robin and Midget will not get engaged.