Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Quote List

Remember wayyy back in the day when people had web pages ... before they were called blogs? (I think it was last year, maybe.) My friend, Los, was the first person I knew to have his own web page ... how cool! He wrote stories, had guest writers, kept a list of alternate phrases for "#2", and then my favorite .... The Quote List.

The Quote List is a running list of slip-ups and funny lines said by his friends and family, and has grown to over 900 entries spanning 15 years!! For today's post, I've gotten Los' permission to spotlight a few gems from The Quote List. Enjoy, and a big "Ein Prosit" to Los for keeping track of all our blunders, foibles, and otherwise forgettables!! These are great ...

* Let's take the SC. That's shortcut for shortcut. - Schue

* It's twelve o'clot. - Me

* I'm a court gesture. - Los

* Did the bartender put on make-up or did she fall into a pie? - Los

* I have some kind of a weird wood force. - Christine

* "Hey where's the Hard Rock?" "On top of your head." Schue and I

* Spit n spin. - Christine

* "We are decorating our Christmas tree tonight with champagne and pizza." "Isn't that gonna smell?" - Schue and Brian

* I'll have the chilled gricken. - Schue

* I don't know whether to go to the concession stand or flag down a stewardess. - Schue, in the upper deck at a baseball game

* I'll have the OJ wis da pope. - Johnnay (BTW, pope = pulp)

* If you lose weight it'll make your teeth look big. -?

* I came at hello. - Schue

* "You'll be catapulted over there." "As long as I'm not dogapulted." Me and Los

* That girl is a looney tuna. - Mark

* His nostrils are so big he'd break his foot if a booger fell out of there. - Ray Ray

* Did that jacket come with that breast ... I mean dress? - Ange

* I like Big Balls. Wait, I don't like big balls, but I like the song. -- Los

..... So do you have any good one-liners or slip ups to share???


Anonymous said...

You're walking on thin water - an idiot I dated in college.


Scarlett Wanna Be said...

"I hope you have missed me just has much has I've missed you!"

-written on a note an ex-boyfriend left me...he was a senior...I'm embarrassed we dated

Los said...

I like the gems that Mung said in college - for a long time, he was the guy that had the most quotes ... most were said when he was in an "altered" state.

I've been pretty lame about keeping the quote list up in the past year ... I'm going to get back on the ball.

One of my favorites is this one: "Look, a hook and ladder truck ... that must be a tall fire."

Kelly said...


Rara said...

LMAO! I'm crying from laughing...

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Come on over, Countess BPD Bubbles - it's the Superbowl of Love! (I just made that quote up...)

Kelly said...

My sister Robin (rara in the comments here) called last week - the conversation went something like this:

Me: Hello?
Robin: Waaabahahaha! OMIGAWD! Bahahahah Lisa's (unintelligble garble) bahahaha WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. That quote list Bahahah!
Me: Who is this?

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

Heres a quote: Come back, I need you to post something!

Anonymous said...

"LAWN CHAIRS!" or is it Slainte! Shouted best by the girls of second and reed aka, whores on tour. Love ya, Kat