Friday, May 9, 2008

Travel Pics: Pre-Derby

The pre-Derby festivities in Louisville are tons of fun. There are lots of events every day, and I was lucky enough to get to partake ....
WEDNESDAY - Dawn at the Downs

A view of the grandstands from the backside of the track.

The Breffis Crew in the backside track kitchen. Can you tell I'm obsessed with the word backside?

Proud Belle finishing her workout. She went on to win the Kentucky Oaks race on Friday. Oaks Day is when the locals go to the track -- just as fancy as Derby, but not quite the hype and crowd.

Yours truly, enjoying some coffee and the horsies.

LATER THAT DAY ..... I scored tix to go on one of the Steamboats for the "big" boat race I'd never heard of. As it turns out, it was awesome. See ....

Here's the boat we raced against. I didn't know we were actually in the race until we were done. Our boat looked exactly like this.

Enough scenery ... here's me with the Derby Princesses.

Now for the good stuff .... here's the million-dollar baby and her proud papa!

THUSRDAY ..... Pegasus Parade

"THROWDOWN!" with Bobby Filet

Nigel ... can you tell how much he loves us?

FRIDAY -- It poured buckets all day and night, which kinda put the kabosh on our wandering around. But -- we still went to an Oaks Party, and then honky tonkin afterwards ......

Schue hanging by the fireplace with the funky tile. The pictures don't do this house justice ... it was spectacular. They are never invited to my little plebe house.

Me and my big fuzzy hair with some party peeps.

Now for the treasures ..... Coyotes, Louisville's original honky tonk. This was after the Oaks Party.....

Schue and I having some pre-bull courage.

Schue with Crazy Christina, a miscellaneous freak from Tennessee who picked up a hitch-hiker along the way and gave him Pringles and $1. She was dressed to impress, otherwise she would have to sleep in her car. How do we meet these people?

Is that Debra Winger?

Oh no, Sissy fell off the bull!!!

NEXT UP: The Doybee ....


Sandi said...

First--your house is awesome.

Second--how the heck did you manage to get your picture taken with the Derby princesses? You crack me up.

Kelly said...

You look great G.

"How do we meet these people?"
You are "these people"

Rara said...

Kelly Marie be nice!
I loved Urban Cowboy (of course)

Lisa said...

Sandi - I just jumped in the pic and voila! Our table was in a primo spot by the dance floor and bar, so I was surrounded by Derby princesses, the mayor, and of course LB & Baby. fun fun

Gee -- bahaaaaaa! You're so right .. we ARE these people!

Rara - Are you ever going to post anything again????!!!!? Urban Cowboy -- one of my favorite movies of all time.