Thursday, May 1, 2008

Celebrity Update

The Pegasus Parade tonight was surprisingly awesome! Schue and I had a great time watching the entire thing from an open window on the 3rd floor of my office (which overlooked the parade route) -- perfect spot. We were low and close enough that the people in the parade could see us waving and hear us screaming to them. And since we were the only ones up high, we were very noticeable. Also lucky for us, we were both having incredibly good hair nights with our curled tresses glistening in the breeze and setting sunlight.

So not only did we see the celebs, but they saw us. Here's who got to check us out tonight in Looeyville:
  • Carrie Ann Inaba - Dancing with the Stars judge (duh, as if everybody didn't know that already!)
  • Bobby "Filet" (as Schue's dad calls him instead of Flay) - we yelled "Throwdown!!" and he turned and waved at us, then told his floating crew of chefs to wave to us. I think he thought we were cute because he kept turning his head to look back at us and wave.
  • Nigel Barker from America's Top Model - not only did he wave and point, but he blew kisses to us!!! YES!
  • Some couple from the Amazing Race -- who cares.
  • Jason Kennedy from E! News - He might have caught some kind of Philadelphia fever because this guy waved as he approached, as he passed, and then nearly twisted his head off as he stared and waved for the next 200 yards down the parade route.

OK, that's it for now. Let us know if you see us on TV!!!


Sandi said...

I LOVE Bobby Flay. I have always had a major crush on him. I used to eat at the Mesa Grill a lot!

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Nigel Barker? Yummm. AND he threw you kisses? This calls for a ANTM throwdown, be-yotch! Hold on to your hair, 'cuz I'm gonna be pulling it!!

Kelly said...

Nigel Barker could have me at "hello". I put up with Tyra just to see him.

And to the Baroness - you have to fight me too.

Rara said...

Isn't Nigel gay?

Cary said...

Ehem, that's "NOTED PHOTOGRAPHER Nigel Barker," thank you very much. =)

Every time she introduces him that way -- which is every time she introduces him -- my wife and I laugh.

What does that mean, anyway? Someone took notes on him? What if the note said, "This guy sucks!"?