Friday, December 21, 2007

OCD, Superstitious or Just Plain Crazy?

It's been a busy busy couple of weeks with traveling for work and trying to get ready for Christmas and my party. Not much time for blogging lately. Originally, I was going to do a post on some of my neurotic behavior ... have been wondering if I've got OCD, superstitions, or a touch of the crazies. Hmmmm, not sure. Instead, what follows is a mish mosh of my random thoughts ... some along the lines of my weirdness, others just pure randomness .....

1.) Teeth must be brushed before getting into the shower. Showering with a hot stinky mouth grosses me out.

2.) My Christmas tree is ginormous this year!!! If it were 1 inch bigger, there'd be a scene like the one from "Christmas Vacation" where the tree blows out the windows of the house. I LOVE IT!! Carmen looks beautious and my lights passed "The Squint Twinkle Test." I have to squint at the tree to tell if the lights are evenly spaced -- lights are the key to a perfect tree. I put them all throughout the tree, inside and out ... cords must be hidden. It took me 2 hours this year. No wonder I'm not ready for Christmas yet.

3.) Two songs make me cry every time: "O Holy Night" (reminds me of my grandmother sitting in church at midmight mass on Christmas Eve, crying as she listened to that song) and "The Star Spangled Banner."

4.) Anything that has an electronic setting with numbers (like the volume on the TV) must be set on an even number. So my volume control will never be set at 11. Even numbers, and 8s are best.

5.) "Step on a crack, break yo momma's back" still echoes in my head when I walk down the sidewalk -- she had a broken back in high school from a car accident. I can't tempt fate, so I don't step on cracks.

6.) One more thing on stepping ...... is it weird that I always have to step up or step down with my right foot first?

(I better watch it .... they're going to take me away HAHA they're going to take me away!!!)

7.) My favorite Christmas gift ever was my piano when I was 4 years old. At some point I'd like to have it moved from my parent's house to my house.

8.) If there were a fire in my house, my Christmas ornaments would probably be one of the first things I'd try to save.

9.) I've saved every note, card, letter my mother has ever sent me ..... and there are hundreds. I probably have 95% of cards/letters I've ever received -- from anyone.

10.) My Dad called me last year at Christmas time to tell me I should go to KMart because they have REAL leather football coats on sale for $7. I thanked him for thinking of me, but also reminded him I'm a girl and probably wouldn't wear a leather Eagles coat from KMart (or anywhere). How could I explain THAT hanging next to my beloved St. John coat?

11.) I time myself when doing things. Like I'll get in the shower at 7:30 then race to see if I can be out by 7:36 (an even number, of course). You think that's nuts? Wait til you hear the next thing .....

12.) Before I get out of the shower, I have to make a mental list of the next few things I'm gonna do so I can do them as fast as possible. My mental list is usually: towel dry, hair product, comb hair, deodorant, lotion, underwear, robe, blow dry. I keep repeating it in my head until each thing is done. (cuckoo!) I'm not too swift in the morning so efficiency and focus are key.

13) Davey Dogs loves "Tollamazoo." What the heck is tollamazoo? Tira misu. (I'll have to do a special post sometime on words that Davey Dogs invents.) They're fantastic and rather endearing.

14.) One more so I don't have to end on an odd number 13 ..... one of my goals while I'm on vacation is to make sure I put pictures in all my frames. I've got 3 frames in my bedroom with no pictures in them.

Arighty, I think I've revealed enough of my lunacy for one morning. Besides, I've gotta go brush my hot teeth and get into the shower. Neurosis awaits!!! Only 8 hours til I'm off for 2 weeks ... yahooey!!!!!


kelly regan said...

"I'm not superstitious; I'm just a little stitious." Michael Scott, The Office

I dig the even number thing - though I cannot say I plan my day around it.

I, however, cannot get out of bed on any number other than a 0 or 5 - 6:00, 6:05, 6:10 are all o.k.. Getting out of bed at 6:07 is tempting fate in a way I could never do.

Sandi said...

Pomp and Circumstance always makes me cry, and Amazing Grace, but I think it's appropriate to cry for Amazing Grace.

schue said...

I always heat up my coffee. I set the microwave to 35 seconds and I can't let it go to the end - hafta get it before it dings. If i leave the room, it's ok. Also, when i was little and took baths, I had to get out of the bathroom before all the water went down the drain or bad things would happen.
I think I have to make appointment with someone now.
Shue (rhymes with coo coo)

Lisa said...

Gee -- I wish I could work with Michael Scott!!

Sandi -- You're right about Amazing Grace, especially on bagpipes.

Shue -- Amen on the bathwater. If you don't get out before it drains, everything that was floating in the water sticks to you. Eww .... one reason I hate baths!!!