Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mooby Fooby

I had a flight connection in Detroit today on my way back to Louisville, which made for a longer-than-normal journey. Anyhow, while I was in the airport there, I had to find a ladies room before my connection started boarding. Naturally, it was farrrrr away, but I finally found it. I walked in and as I was searching for the most pristine stall I could find, I looked up and noticed a guy walking towards me. I turned around and walked out, realizing I was apparently in the men's room. Ooops. So I left and went in the rest room next door. Guess what? As I walked through the bathroom for the second time, again searching for the most pristine stall, I looked up and saw the same guy walking towards me!!! Who was this man, and why was he following me into bathrooms in the Detroit airport???

As it turned out, he went into the ladies room and realized he was in the wrong spot when he first saw me. I thought I was in the wrong spot when I first saw him (which I wasn't) and then wandered into the men's room thinking I was in the ladies room. So who was following who??? hahahahaa Both of us started laughing in the men's room. I didn't stick around giggling for too long, but I did think it was pretty funny.

P.S. -- As a follow up to one of my previous posts where I talked about the nasty plastic contraptions on the toilets in the Louisville airport ... they're gone! I wonder if someone read my post and realized they were probably spreading mooby fooby rathering than preventing it??

P.S.S. -- "Mooby fooby" is a generic name for all diseases that my mom always said when I was a kid. Do other people say it, or just my family? I'm wondering because as I've grown up, I've learned that there are words she made up and led me to believe were commonly used .... until I spurted them out in conversation in front of someone other than a family member, only to find out my mother made something up. This happened with the word "cutethings." Not meant to be "cute things", but all one word. It was synonymous with poop. Imagine my surprise in college when I said something about "cutethings" (trying not to be too crude) only to be laughed right off Mt. Nittany when they realized I was talking about poo!

OK, I've rambled long enough. Tell me some made up words ... or something to entertain me while I'm traveling ... pretty please.


Anonymous said...

The most interesting stuff happens to you when you travel. hahaaha, that story is hilarious! I cant think of any made up words at the moment, but I think coming from Philadephia, i know there are words/terms only we philadelphians can understand. ie crick/creek, newsy/nosey,eagles/iggles, i don't really know which is right. i'm sure you can dedicate a blog to the Philadelphia language. SHUE

Los said...

My mom makes words up all the time - you know like "Olidators" or "Warm Chocolate Milk." She has a million of them!

Lisa said...

Shue -- Yeah, I could do a whole thing on the souffilly vernacular: valentimes, liberry, baffroom, breffis, prolly, etc.

Los - Olidators ... a classic!!

*Sparkles* said...

Never used mooby fooby or cutethings but I likes me a good crick in the summertime to cool off in.

My favorite word follows:

fel·o·ni·an [fel·o·nē·uh n]
1. a feline who is up to no good
2. a cat

[Origin: 2006]

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

I've never heard of "Mooby Fooby" but I think I'll start using it. We call brown splatters on the rim of a toliet "snoodle". That is gross, but I am sorry, I justed giggled a little when I typed it...I mean, who wants to admit they have snoodle on their toilets? What is wrong with me?

The Baroness von B said...

Here's my contribution, although neither come from me, but from my friend Moira and her whacked-out family.

#1 - Fuffa toes: This is used to describe the toes of your socks when you take off a pair of boots, and you almost completely have your sock come off as well. Note that the sock must be dangling right at the very end without actually coming off. Moira and her sister Ginny used to intentially give each other fuffa-toes (works v. well w/tube socks!) with much hilarity ensuing. PS. You must yell "Fuffa-toes" as loud as you can as prior to what you are about to inflict - kind a warning, of sorts.

#2 - FHB - short for "Family Hold Back". Used at social gatherings where too many people have showed up, and there may not be enough to go around. The hosts go around to each of the immediate family,quiety intoning "FHB" - you can always have a PB&J after everyone's gone.