Thursday, December 6, 2007

That's One Big Hunk of Meat

Greetings from Louisville, Kentucky folks! Am here til tomorrow on bidness and am trying to come up with any excuse I can not to do more work. aghhhh!!!

I'm actually a bit jealous of the folks who work for the Louisville Apartment Association -- they're having a big fancy shindig in the ballroom of the hotel I'm staying in.

Anyway, I ended up ordering room service because dining choices are limited down here, and it's a little too cold, dark and barren to go exploring on foot tonight. So I checked out the room service menu. It took me a good 5 minutes to convince them to let me order the cheeseburger off the kids menu because the 12 (yes, TWELVE!) ounce burger on the adult menu would be too big. Please tell me -- who the hell can eat a 12 oz burger???That's not a burger, it's a meatL-O-A-F. YUCK!!!!! Other options were a chicken breast (boring), a steak (too much), cream of carrot soup (what ever happened to good ole fashion Chicken Noodle?), or a Hot Brown sandwich (which I should've gotten). Finally they brought me the cheeseburger, and I don't know what kid could eat this thing, but it looked like a football. No wonder kids are getting fatter! I swear I'm not a picky eater, but I've never had such a hard time trying to find a normal decent dinner. I'm thinking maybe it's the hotel's passive aggressive attempt to discourage people from ordering room service? I don't know. Next time I'll try pizza delivery, or bring my ball gown and crash somebody's event.

I can't wait to get home tomorrow. Let's hope for a smooth, on-time flight!!


Anonymous said...

What is a hot brown sandwich? Was the lady that has her living room on her front lawn there? You should probably just bring your ball gown next time, then you can have some fancy passed whoresdavoors.

Los said...

A hot brown sandwich? This sounds like something that would or should be coming out of my butt! They should have a better name for this sandwich, if they really want people to order it!

Lisa said...

shue - the lady whose trailer broke in 1/2 doesn't work there anymo. bummmer. the hot brown is turkey, grilled tomato, bacon on toast points with mornay sauce .. yumma.

kal - it does sound more like a toilet steamer than something you'd wanna eat.ew!!!