Sunday, November 18, 2007

My new look

Last week was absolutely crazy and hectic, like being on the hamster wheel for 5 days straight. Nevertheless, right in the middle of all the chaos I got a good laugh ....

I was in a huge hurry to get to a meeting in Center City, but had to print a bunch of stuff and make copies before I could leave the office. I hate even going near our printer. It takes up an entire room and is about 10 different kinds of machines all rolled into one. It never fails that I always encounter a paper jam, some weird error code or an "out of paper" message. This time, I lucked out and was able to do what I needed to do and get out of there pretty quickly despite managing to get toner all over my hands. I washed my hands in our kitchen , gathered my stuff and off I went to my meeting in the city.

I signed in with the security guard, an escort took me to the conference room, I chatted with some people before the meeting started. All very normal. I even had a few minutes to get something to drink, then to the ladies room. As I washed my hands in the ladies room, I looked up into the mirror. Holy moly!!! I looked like I had slid down a chimney!!! I had black stuff all over my face. I must have touched my face when I had the toner all over my hands.

I had probably talked with a dozen people and not one single person said anything. Unbelievable!! Does this kind of stuff happen to other people? I'd really like to know.

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Los said...

I've had that toner issue a couple of times ... it always seems to happen right before a meeting.