Monday, November 26, 2007

Here's what Brown can do for me:

Stop trying to kill me on the highway every morning! It's pretty much, that simple.

I've been off work for a week and had almost forgotten about one of my more unpleasant morning routines. I find it unbelievable that every morning my exit from I-95 is perfectly timed with the entrance of a fleet of UPS trucks onto I-95. This has been happening almost every morning for the last 12+ years that I've been working at my company. There are always 5 of these trucks spaced about 15 feet apart, and they move from the far right lane across 3 lanes to merge left onto the highway. This happens at the precise time and location where I need to exit right. They barrel onto the highway with no signal, no yielding, and no apparent recognition that someone's already in the space they're taking over. It's a game of chicken, and I'm always the chicken. I always wind up in the wrong lane to prevent a crash, then I have to scoot across 4 lanes to get where I need to go after they've practically run me off the road.

I'm tired of being bullied by Brown's convoy every morning. Yeah, I could either leave earlier or later to avoid them, but why should I have to change my schedule just to keep from getting run over every morning? Probably because leaving 2 minutes earlier is smarter than getting run over. I guess I'm either spitefully stubborn or just not that smart.

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Los said...

I've seen this phenomenon on more than one occasion myself. It's right near the airport ... that's where they "gather." I love the fact that they don't think they have to abide by the rules in the city ... they can just park their trucks in the middle of the road ... that one kills me.