Sunday, November 4, 2007

My 2 Cents on the Birds

Everybody's got an opinion on what has to change in order for the Eagles to get back to championship form. I think we all agree that this year it just ain't gonna happen. So what would make a difference next year? Oust Andy Reid? Bench Donovan? Draft better? Have someone to give the ball to other than Westbrook? I don't know the answer, but here's a thought that's been with me for a while now:

Donovan bugs me.

Yes, he's a great athlete -- forget, for a moment, that he hasn't finished a season in years. He's tremendously capable and has, at times, been an elite. He's had huge games, huge stats and even took us to the Superbowl. All are great accomplishments. Losing the Bowl wasn't, but getting there was pretty darn good.

Anyway, so why does he bug me? He bugs me because he's a sulker. He doesn't act like a leader, and now that he rarely scrambles he's also boring. He's got no fire in his belly, unless it's right after he throws a touchdown or makes a big play. (By the way, I love the flea flicker. It's exciting to watch, and a really fun name for a football play. I wish they'd run that play more often so I could hear them say it.) All of the rhetoric I've heard and read about leaders and great people (business, sports or otherwise) says true leadership and greatness are displayed when times are tough. As soon as the Birds get behind or make a few bad plays, Donovan isolates himself on the bench and mopes. I just want to slap him. You know who else does this? Eli. He's another sulker. Talented and tons of potential, but a sulker. That's a terrible quality in a quarterback, or anyone for that matter.

The Eagles need a leader on the field. Someone to wake them up and motivate them. The best hope they have right now for encouragement and leadership may very well be the fans. A sad statement.

I have to say, I miss Jeff Garcia. He may not be a pillar of strength and athleticism, but he has a contagious energy and ability to get people excited about the game. Tampa is lucky to have him. It's ashame his career crested so late. I love watching him play, just because he goes crazy on the field and gets people fired up. He reminds me of Brett Favre, in that regard. Of course, he's not nearly as hot or gifted as Favre -- but that kind of leader is what the Birds need. The fans and the team deserve a leader who doesn't give up.

I wish Donovan would step up and be that guy, but I just don't see it happening. Would be nice if he'd prove me wrong. Not to say that's the only cure to our Eagles' woes, but I think it's a major hole in a program with more holes than a block of swiss cheese.


Kelly Regan said...

I've waited my whole life for you to start a blog! Yee, ha!

Los said...

I'm a McNabb fan, or used to be. I don't think he's a great team leader anymore ... I think he was once, but I'm not sure what happened. I think he lost the team when T.O. caused problems, and he's never been able to get it back. He can't get over the past - has never forgiven the city for booing him when he was drafted.

At the same point, Andy Reid has done a terrible job the last 3 seasons. He was lucky enough to make the playoffs last season, but his drafts and the free agent pickups, as well as the playcalling, have all been sub-par. I'm not sure if, at this point, he is the best option for the Eagles (again, I was a big Reid supporter for a long time) - I think it might be time to change philosophy.