Thursday, April 30, 2009

Flu Schmoo

I'm all pandemicked out.

This swine flu hype is getting out of control. It's the flu and it's treatable. Yes, people can die from it .... just like the regular flu. Yes, people in more than one country have it ... just like the regular flu. Outbreaks at colleges? Yes, just like other stuff that goes around when people swap a lot of spit and live in close quarters.

This is actually a picture of people who are suspected of having swine flu. I mean seriously, take a Tamiflu and suck it up. Then stop touching dirty, sick pigs and for God's sake ... cover your mouth when you cough. By the looks of this picture you'd think they were being treated for the dreaded MOOBY FOOBY!!

Personally, I think driving on I-95 is scarier than any flu you could ever face.


Sandi said...

You took the words right out of my mouth.

schue said...

Seriously, it sounds like a bad hangover. I don't want people to get it or die from it, but the media has gotten out of hand, I had to turn on 90210 (original) because I couldn't listen to it anymore...and well, i love old eps of 90210.

Ruth said...

And here is where I'm glad I ignore the news 99% of the time! But I hope you're right about it's being much ado about nothing. I've got a bad feeling about it, which probably comes from reading too much Stephen King.

I'm sorry I missed spaghetti night, but will be sure to catch the next one!

RuthWells said...

That "Ruth" up there is me, "RuthWells". Don't know how that happened -- stupid internets!

Los said...

Anytime someone sneezes at work, I ask them if they have Swine Flu ... so far, nobody's gotten sick of this.