Friday, September 26, 2008


Babspeapod here, live again from the debate.

I'm actually finding it quite entertaining and will now showcase my apparent case of ADD and/or immaturity.

Obama keeps saying the word "Tolly-bon." Kinda like a "Cinnabon", but not. "Pocky-ston" is a little distracting too, but not quite as much.

McCain just called it the "Tally-pon."

Folks, I think we're in trouble.

(P.S. - I hear "Santa Claus" is a write-in candidate from West Virginia. It's true .... see!)

(P.S.S. -- Obama just called McCain "Jim" again. bahaa. And yes, I DO know the moderator is JIM Lehrer, but since Obama keeps correcting himself, I assume he keeps calling John by the wrong name.)

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Los said...

Intense debate though ... I'm not sure anything was answered, although I loved the smirks each candidate gave each other the entire night.

McCain kept on calling Obama naive ... I thought that at some point, Obama was going to give McCain the People's Elbow ...