Thursday, September 25, 2008

It Must be a Slow News Week

Clay is echoing the words of George Washington, "I cannot tell a lie" as he announces to the world (on the front page of People magazine) that he is gay.

My thoughts:

1.) Who cares.

2.) This is not new information, so it should hardly be called "news."

3.) I'm perplexed by the whole "coming out" event. Openly admitting being gay -- I can see why that's a big step for someone. What I don't get is having press conferences about it, making public announcements about it, or using your sexual preference as a publicity stunt.

4.) I saw Spamalot on Broadway and it was a fantastic show -- probably the best musical I've ever seen. Clay Aiken was part of the cast, not the star, and he was excellent. If you've never seen this show because .....
....... you think Clay Aiken sucks ... or,
....... like me, you don't "get" Monty Python and don't want to watch something you don't "get" for 2 hours ... or,
....... you have a hard time understanding the British accents in Monty Python (again, why watch something for 2 hours that you don't understand)
I say: don't let those things stop you. The show was excellent! I'd even see it again.
5.) I'd never go to a Clay Aiken concert (of my own accord), but I'd probably be weird enough to watch one of his Christmas specials.


schue said...

Of course we can never forget when he sang "LIKE A BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER". on AI that was fabulous.

Sandi said...

He came out? When the hell was he "in"?

SGM said...

I plan to call a news conference and announce that I am straight.
What the hell - it makes as much sense.

My goodness, the level of self ceneteredness (sp) to think that ANYONE would give a rats ass is sickening

wrh said...

I don't care if he's gay, which is probably a difficult thing to be. What's more challenging for him, however, is the fact that his stylist is retarded. I would be interested in a press conference in which he explained his deep and abiding affection for wearing inch thick foundation two shades off from his natural skin tone.

Also...why is he so puffy?

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

He's puffy because he's as gay as a cloud in springtime.

And, like, clouds are puffy.

Babs - you realize by watching a CA Christmas special you become an honorary Claymate. I will be SO jealous...

Los said...

I love Monty Python! The reason I wouldn't go see Spamalot is because (a) plays are not my thing, and (b) Clay Aiken is a turn-off for me.