Tuesday, July 8, 2008


In the wake of my TV induced stupor, I failed to mention something fun I did over the weekend. On Saturday, DD and I took a ride "downashore" to visit our friends Linda and Richie in the Villas.

They had a "Vinyl" theme party ... very creative, eh?

Now I know you're probably wondering what a vinyl party is -- no, we didn't wear vinyl tablecloths or shower curtains. Everyone had to bring an album ..... not a CD, not a tape, not an iPod, mp3, radio, or blueray .... but an old-fashioned album!! They broke out the record player and we listened to all kinds of records all afternoon and evening. What a great theme!!!

All of my albums are at my parents' house in Maryland (still .... sorry Mom and Dad!), so DD and I stopped at Goodwill to pick up our party contributions. Here's what we brought:

The Doobie Brothers
Air Supply

Here's a big shout out to Linda and Richie for hosting another great party! Thanks for inviting us .... it was a great time!!!!!

(And speaking of theme parties, anybody have any other creative theme party ideas? You know party planning is right up my alley, and there's a big one in the works for later this year ..... )


Los said...

Schue and I were thinking about doing a "cookbook" party - this is where everyone buys the same cookbook, and makes one of the recipes in the cookbook and brings it to the party.

Dorka said...

What about an 80's metal/hair band party? I've always wanted to dress like Cinderella and I don't mean the princess.

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Air Supply? Yikes. Doesn't that just scream late 70's/early 80's? I'm imagining that album was put on much later in the evening, once everyone was too drunk to take it off the turntable.

This sounds like a fun plan - really, lady - you do go to/have the best theme parties!!

SGM said...


Do a "Young Me/Now Me" party.


Everybody could get a pick of themselves when they were younger and tries to dress/look that

SGM said...