Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Random Wednesday

Well, I'm pretty much fresh out of ideas. So what happens when I have nothing to write about? I go with the random.

Here goes:

  • I twisted my ankle last week and wiped out in front of a crowd of people. It was a horrific scene -- me, face down on the ground with my shirt all hiked up ... my backpack on my back but hiked up around my neck, and legs and arms everywhere. Tomorrow I'll be getting my thumb x-rayed .... I don't think it's broken, but I still can't move it very well and it's been over a week. Nice eh?

  • Starbucks is closing over 600 stores, 12,000 people nationwide losing their jobs. I can't say I'm surprised -- I mean did they really think people would continue paying $5 for a cup of coffee -- that's higher than a gallon of gas. And for the record, Wawa coffee is better anyway.

  • I have a crush on Sean Murphy the traffic guy on Channel 9's morning news. He's a funny, sarcastic, real-life kinda guy who doesn't act like the typical "carved out of cream cheese" tool on TV. Check him out sometime.

  • I have to give a shout out to thank my friends Pam and Larry for a great party this past weekend. They have a beautiful home in Delaware, with a kick ass pool. Lots of great people, music, food, drink, complete with a round of "Olympic Water Volleyball" in the pool at night. DD and I had a great time -- thanks for inviting us!!!

  • Am excited not to have any plans for this weekend, other than a BBQ Friday night. Am looking forward to just going wherever the wind blows me for a few days.
So what random stuff is going through your head today?


SGM said...

Sorry to hear about your spill.

No plans? HEY! What about the plans to meet in Media THAT YOU BAGGED ON?

Just kidding.

Have a great weekend!

Los said...

If you have no plans on Saturday, Rich and Anita are having a barbecue - and fireworks!!!

Your sister said...

Silly girl - Mom & Dad really should have named you Grace - hope your thumb's ok - Have fun twirling in the wind this weekend and have a happy fourth!!

Pam said...

Thanks for the shout out. So glad you and DD could make it. Lots of fun and we definitely won the "Olympic Water Volleyball" game.
Thanks for the jello shots, they were a big hit!
We'll get together for a day of floating soon!
What is the verdict on the thumb? Hope all turned out well.
Have a great holiday weekend!!

Sandi said...

I HATE Starbucks coffee. I'm a big fan of McDonald's coffee.

I hope your thumb is ok.

schue said...

Yeah, I fell down the steps on the fourth. I hurt my thumb, and i have huge bruise on my butt.