Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Irritation and Insomnia

Last night I was in a bad mood. It was a frustrating day at the office, then I came home and found my fridge leaking inside. And mosquitos attacked me every time I stepped outside. And I had to go to Shop Rite, which always makes me want to ram somebody with my cart.

I finally decided to cut my losses, call it a night and go to bed on my freshly laundered sheets with the AC running. Sounds good, right?

Well .....

DD was so hot he nearly spontaneously combusted. He couldn't cool off. Just as I was almost asleep he decided to turn his body completely around and lay the opposite way in the bed so he could get more AC. This meant his feet were up near my head, his head near my feet, and the covers were all jacked up.

I had two options: go completely ballistic and start thrashing around or get up and move until he could settle down and fall asleep.

After a big "What the hell are you doing?", I decided to take the high road. He'd been more than patient with my ugly mood, so I decided to cut him a break and let him get some air and sleep. (Pretty damn nice of someone who felt like mowing people down with her shopping cart, eh?) I ended up on the couch all night with a bout of insomnia. Should make for a pleasant Barbra Peapod today.

Actually, despite my frustrating and sleepless evening, I feel surprisingly mellow this morning. Maybe I just wore myself out being irritated last night .... or my coffee hasn't kicked in yet. Either way, let's hope for a happier day today.


Los said...

I bet Schue probably wants to go ballistic on me sometimes at night - I'm a restless sleeper, and our bed is really loud ... doesn't make for a good night's sleep.

schue said...

oh boy...that's sad babra! I had insomnia last week. This week i'm doing ok, even with los's "cricket legs". I always have the spare bedroom with a ceiling fan that works quite nice as an escape. I don't function without sleep.

Formerly Fun said...

I think there is something in the air. I am usually Gidget-like in my good moods but have been Captain Cranky-Pants lately. I know all too well that desire to mow people down at the store.