Monday, July 7, 2008

Sunday Television

Whew, it was a nice long weekend ... capped off by a full day of couch-lounging and TV watching. This was me yesterday .....


I'm not sure how it happened, but I got sucked into watching bad sports -- not by DD, but all on my own. The sport du jour? Mennis.

Yes, that's Men's Tennis. For hours I sat watching the men's match at Wimbledon, even waiting out the rain delays. ?!?!?!?!! I never watch tennis -- it's boring and slow. But yesterday I was completely hooked on what commentator John MacEnroe called the greatest match he's ever seen. And it was exciting, I must admit. In the end, Roger Federer's 5-time Wimbledon winning streak came to an end and Spainard Rafael Nadal captured the cup. Here he is .... (it reminds me of Mike Tyson biting an ear ... but not)

Another boring sport I managed to get sucked into watching was the Phillies game. I don't how I can watch baseball, but sometimes I can. This just may be this year's MVP .....

So the afternoon became a 3-way channel flipping extravaganza between mennis, baseball, and "American Gladiators" on MTV. I don't know why, but I love this show. Some of the games look like fun. Example: I'd like to try the one where they shoot you out of a rocket up in the air and you have to try to dunk a ball in a basket while being chase by a superhuman-looking gladiator.

As if that wasn't enough sports for the day, I later tuned into the Olympic Trials for swimming and track n field. One of the big stories was Dara Torres, a 41-year old woman who just made the US Olympic team for the 5th time in swimming -- completely demolishing competition half her age!! Pretty amazing. This kind of story is precisely the reason I get hooked on watching sports --- it's the real-life Rocky ... the classic underdog triumph. What's not to love about that?

Next was the piece de resistance -- the kickoff of "I Love Money" on vH1. This show has a bunch of MTV and vH1 reality show losers pitted against each other to try to win $250,000. Contestants are the best of the worst from "I Love New York", "Flavor of Love", and "Rock of Love." A total train wreck, and I love it! Here's Mr. Boston .....

The evening was capped off with an episode of "Entourage" which is onDemand. Eight more episodes out there for my mind-numbing viewing pleasure.

So that's it folks ... sorry I don't have anything more exciting to report. Any other Sunday couch potatoes out there?


schue said...

Hell yea - that's what i did yesterday!

SGM said...

Holy crap'ola!
Thats a lot of tv!
Sounds relaxing.

I spent the better part of 5 hours on Sunday walking around the Hagley museum with the kids (my dogs were yappin' by the end - must wear more appropriate shoes)

Your sister said...

Holy moly!! You had quite the TV fest - I don't have any room to talk - I got sucked into the Deadliest Catch marathon - those guys are NUTS!!!

Sandi said...

At least you didn't watch golf. Then I'd be worried.

Cat said...

you never write about me... :(
miss you, take care