Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Oh no, I'm "IT"

Aloha friends! No, I'm not returning from Hawaii, but an episode of the Brady family vacation to the Big Island. Thank goodness for DVR -- I'm never more than 2 clicks away from an old fave.

So I got tagged with the very same meme by a blogger (Baroness) and not-a-blogger (Well Read Hostess), which is the first time I've been tagged with anything since I got tackled by a cab driver in my Easter egg suit at 15th & Pine years ago. (I'll save that story for another time.) In fact, I'm not really sure how to say "meme." Is it meem? Or mem? Or may-may? hmmm. And what does it mean? And stand for? Is this in Webster's ... or is that obsolete now that Wikipedia is on the scene? I don't know, but will have to find out.

Anyway, I decided to accept the challenge and will now attempt to lull you into a trance with "6 Unimportant Things About Me." The only problem will be narrowing it down to six. Here goes:

1. Favorite foods: Cheese and unagi. Not together though. Ever. Ew.

2. Favorite color and other words that are fun to say: chartreuse, souffle, chandel-earrings

3. An embarrassing moment: Explaining to my mom at age 5 why I tied myself to a chair in the basement. (My kindergarten class had taken a field trip to the county jail earlier that week, and well ... I guess curiousity got the best of me. I wanted to know what it was like to be in jail. Um, did she drop me on my head at a young age???)

4. Movie I recently saw: Juno ... 2 thumbs up.

5. Guilty TV pleasure: Flavor of Love 3 -- hands down! This season I'm torn between the "Hip Hopera" and "Wedding/Funeral" episodes. Both drove me to the brink of depends.

6. 15 minutes of fame?: Yes, a cameo appearance on Fox News "What's Buggin' You?" I appeared as "Concerned Driver" explaining the perilous consquences of having 10 sets of lines to guide 3 lanes of traffic over the Girard Poit Bridge on I-95South. The bad news -- The camera didn't add 10 pounds, it added 20. So, I looked fat in my chartreuse sweater, and my hair was blowing all over the place in the 40 mile/hour winds. The good news: it got fixed.

So there you have it -- a look into the mundane side of yours truly!

I think I'm supposed to pass the baton to 6 more people when I'm done, which is nearly impossible since I only have a small handful of folks who read this fledgling blog who haven't tagged me or been tagged already. Anyway, if you made it this far, do me a favor and spend 2 minutes posting a handful of unimportant facts about yourself. Consider yourself IT!

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Los said...

I'll post here if that's ok...

1. Favorite Food - Geez, this changes ... currently, I like tacos.

2. Favorite color - Navy Blue ... I'm a Penn Stater.

3. Embarrassing Moment - So many to choose from! I ran into a picnic table playing frisbee once.

4. Recent movie - Grandma's Boy ... surprisingly funny.

5. Guilty TV pleasure - I've been watching Top Chef a lot.

6. 15 Minutes of fame - I worked for the Philadelphia Eagles ... got to meet a lot of players, and some stars.