Monday, April 14, 2008


Two weeks from today I'll be in an RV, driving back to Louisville from a long weekend road trip to Talladega, Alabama. It's the first leg of my two week visit to the Southern half. As I mentioned a few weeks ago (Derby Days and Talladega Nights), I'll be roadtripping from Louisville, KY to see the big NASCAR race in Talladega ... yes, ala Ricky Bobby.

So what does one wear to a NASCAR race for 4 days? I called my friend DeDe, who's going on the trip to find out. After all, the other 3 girls are pros at this and travel the globe for all things NASCAR. I've never seen a race and don't follow it, so I'm a serious novice.

Here's what she told me:

You can buy all of your clothes out of the haulers when you get there.

Huh? Certainly a girl would feel a little uneasy about going on a 4 day road trip to a race track camp ground with no clothes. "How can this be", I asked. "And what's a hauler?"

Well, apparently each of the drivers has tractor trailers -- haulers -- full of merchandise, and they show up a couple of days before the race so die-hards (and people with no clothes) can shop for their wares. The back of the semi has a door on the side, you walk in, and voila .... everything you need for 4 days of NASCAR!!! I didn't know this, but part of the reason we're going a little early is to take advantage of this shopportunity. We already have the Dale Jr. beach chairs, blankets, tent, picnic ware, cup huggies, and I don't know what else ..... now all I need is a t-shirt.

I'll definitely bring some clothes, but I'm gonna go for it -- I'm following the advice of a pro and buying my clothes out of the back of a tractor trailer at the Talladega Superspeedway. Tonight, I'll be headed to Target to see if they have some back-up, just in case the haulers don't work out.
UPDATE: It looks like I'll be buying my clothes out of the back of a "hauler." Target would've been great if I wanted to wear a NASCAR grill cover. Or a bumper sticker. Or make a necklace out of a Dale Jr. car air freshener. I did, however, buy a pair of #88 pajama pants.

Have I mentioned how friggin excited I am?!?!?!?!?!


Los said...

There's something to be said about buying your clothes out of haulers ... I'm just not sure what that would be ...

Kelly said...

Tanks tops, pegged leg jeans

Heavy eyeliner, and clumpy mascara

1. A peacock feather, braided to the end of a roach clip that you clip behind your ear to accentuate the loveiness of you fem-mullet.
2. Wine cooler
3. Virinia slims (Gynaslimes menthol to be precise)

Look you should try to achieve?
50 pounds in a 20 pound bag with runny mascara and a little dead behind the eyes.