Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tis Not the Season

Summer is over and a new season is here. Fall is a season for:

back to school
hay rides

Notice some items not in that list? Like ..... Santa Claus, Jingle Bells?

Well, apparently 2 days ago on the first official day of Fall, the unofficial Christmas season also began. I was innocently watching some mindless TV when during a commercial break my ears were assaulted by the premature sound of jingle bells. The very next commercial featured a vaugely familiar "ho ho ho."

Apparently Disney and Royal Carribean don't understand the concept of fall. They want us to cancel fall this year and move right into Christmas. I'm okay with Christmas being the 5th season ... separate from the rest of winter ... but dammit, I want to enjoy fall for a few days before these clowns ruin it by ramming their Christmas sales down my throat and threatening to put coal in my stocking if I don't buy somebody a cruise package for Christmas.

In protest of their greediness and rushing the season, Disney and Royal Carribean will not be getting any business from me this year. Not that they would anyway, but this time it's an official boycott.


Sandi said...

Ditto--I am following your boycott!

Lora said...

Target has xmas stuff out too. And it is clearly leftovers from last year.


Your sister said...

Geez - I was just getting used to seeing last year's leftover Halloween candy that's been on the shelves since June....

Los said...

That's awful! Next thing you know, we'll be seeing Christmas stuff on St. Patty's day!

Momish said...

I hate that too. I feel bad for Halloween and Thanksgiving that are forced to live in the shadows of Christmas. I love fall and want to enjoy it while it lasts!