Friday, September 25, 2009


I was watching one of the morning news shows while getting ready for work this morning, and of course they were talking about the latest buzz on Mackenzie Phillips. She's apparently triggered a big family feud with her public announcement -- and you can't get much more public than talking to Oprah -- that she and her father had a sexual relationship.

Honestly, I need to wash my hands after merely typing those words.

Anyway, so now there's a family feud over this. The media start naming the pro-Mackenzie and anti-Mackenzie teams. Among her supporters are her sister China (or is it Chyna?), some other people, and then .... Dr. Drew.

Dr. Drew? He's not a relative. Why is he on a team?

I'll tell you why: because he's one of those people who loves to come out of the woodwork to offer "help" or an opinion during any kind of public controversy, event or crisis. Some folks always seem to be right in the middle -- others maybe just starred in one big outburst.

Some of the media whore-ific meddlers that come to mind (both past and present meddlers):

  • Dr. Drew
  • Rush Limbaugh
  • The Dynamic Duo of Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton
  • Jane "tank girl" Fonda
  • Oprah (I kinda like her, but let's face it .... she's always right in the middle of everything)
  • Dr. Suzanne Somers (ie: her idiotic, unsolicited medical opinion on Swayze's chemo treament)
  • Michael Moore (in my top 10 list of aholes ... maybe even top 3) - he's a passive aggressive meddler; he'll wait and make his statement in the form of some one-sided, distorted piece of shit "documentary"
  • Tom Cruise - because he's so enlightened

OK, who am I missing?


Sandi said...

Dr Phil!

schue said...

Well, in this case, Dr. Drew was her doctor (on celebrity rehab, of course on tv) I personally like Dr. Drew, not because of his medical knowledge, I just think he's kinda hot, so i'm defending him.