Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'd Like to Give the Academy a Big Razzie

I hereby nominate the Academy Awards show for a Razzie Award. Those are the awards that acknowledge the worst of Hollywood each year. And this show, I'm here to tell you, is one of the worst things I've ever seen.

In all fairness, I haven't watched the entire thing. It's too unbearable, so I've been surfing for the last 2 hours. In 2 hours, I've yet to see one award presented. I've seen comedy sketches, tributes, singing and dancing (which I love, don't get me wrong) ..... but not one award. (Note: Since I wrote that an hour ago, I recently saw Heath Ledger's family accept his award, and a couple of others.)

My point being, most of the show is a big pile of poop and the whole thing could be done faster than one of you-know-who's famous 30-minute meals.

Here are some other Razzie's I'd like to give for worst of Hollywood:
  • Brangelina -- A cheater and a homewrecker, no matter how hot they are and how many kids they adopt.
  • Robin Williams -- Eternally Mork and one of the most un-funny people EVER. I did like a few of his more serious movies, such as Awakenings and Good Will Hunting.
  • Michael Moore & his movies -- I can't stand this guy. He's a self-righteous asshole that takes one side of a story and distorts it so far out of proportion I can only equate his movies to fun-house mirrors.
  • Cloris Leachman -- Please don't ever be on TV again. You stunk on Dancing With the Stars.
  • Paul Shaffer & the CBS Orchestra -- I know you're in New York, not Hollywood, but you get a Razzie from me for the annoying and stale riffs you play to introduce Dave's various sketches. They all sound exactly the same and end with a squealing trumpet. You're too talented to play the same thing every night.
  • Computerized visual effects that have taken over every movie, commercial, and show. Nothing even comes close to looking real anymore. Are stuntmen even needed?
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button -- I'll never see this movie because a.) the premise is stupid (it's a serious "Mork From Ork" for the big screen); and b.) Brad Pitt is a terrible actor; c.) that's a dumb name for a movie.
  • Rachel Ray -- You get a Razzie from me for talking like a 3-year old and never shutting up.
  • Any TV station that has annoying pop-ups that take up half the screen in the middle of a show.

OK, that's just the quick list. Maybe tomorrow I'll focus on stuff I like from Hollywood. I feel like I've been bitching a lot lately.


Los said...

I like the days when you had to be more creative to "show" special effects, as opposed to CGI. CGI in small doses is ok. Here's a more alarming "idea." With CGI - will we at some point no longer need real actors?

Sandi said...

No don't stop. I love the bitching.

Julie said...

I personally think they should bring back Rob Lowe to sing and dance with Snow White, and let everyone see how really stupid Hollywood can be.

Your sister said...

See Lisa Bitch...
Bitch, Lisa, Bitch :)

Gwen said...

Word on everything you said. I think we were separated at birth, for real. I feel like my words are coming out of your Eerie.