Monday, February 18, 2008

A Year of Valentines

Historically, Valentine’s Day has been my least favorite holiday of them all. Not because I don’t believe in love and romance, but because I never seemed to have someone to share it with. That day was always a reminder that everybody around me had someone, and I didn’t. A day to smack me in the face with “no one loves you.” Was it too much to want one person to think I was loveable? It seemed so. Us “have nots” on Valentine’s Day walk around saying what a dumb holiday it is, but secretly wish we were relishing in the romance and spirit of the day. I mean, hey, what’s so bad about a day that’s all about love?

Now that Davey Dogs and I are together, Valentine’s Day isn’t quite so miserable. As a holiday it still ranks nowhere near Christmas but it’s not something I dread like a trip to the dentist either. Davey Dogs was clearly not too interested in Valentine’s Day, but I have to admit that I was – I didn't want an overpriced bouquet of roses or a box of chocolate that I may as well tape to my rear end ... just a sincere expression of love, whatever that may be. I remember all those years of feeling alone and unloved, and it has made me appreciate our relationship all the more. We stayed home for Valentine’s Day and then did our celebrating over the weekend with a quiet trip to the Jersey Shore. It wasn’t particularly event-filled, but it was good together time. We drove down to North Wildwood on Friday with no plans other than to relax.

The shore is an odd place. For 4 months out of the year, you cannot cram enough people onto the beach, boardwalk, motels, highway ….it’s the word “congestion” personified. Don’t get me wrong – I love it and will always jump at the chance for a weekend at the shore during the summer. But during the winter it’s completely different. We were 2 of about 50 people there this weekend. No cars, no people, lots of signs saying “closed for the season”, and eerily quiet. The fog rolled in at night and it seriously looked like a scene from a horror movie. Some of the fog was weather related ..... some may have been a result of dinner and drinks on Friday night. Definitely not a horror movie ... I'd say more of a romantic comedy.

Anyway, we went out to eat a few times, shopped at the Wicker store (the only place open), walked on the beach, got our Passport pictures taken, and even hit a luau Saturday night. It was a great weekend, and probably the best Valentine’s Day celebration I’ve ever had. There were no roses or boxes of candy, but we did a lot of laughing and loving … the stuff I always wanted on Valentine’s Day but never got. Davey Dogs still doesn’t care too much about Valentine’s Day because he thinks you should show people you love them every day. I agree with him, and am looking forward to a year full of valentine’s days with my honey.


Kelly said...

That's so sweet!

Passport pix .... where ya off to?

schue said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Did DD get you flowers from the dude on the way to 95?

Lisa said...

Gee -- We're headed to Punta Cana during the second week of March. ahhhh, I can't wait!!!

Schue -- No interstate flowas, but my easter plant is blooming again.

Rara said...

That was nice write and I agree with DD. Where are you staying in Punta Cana? Are you going with friends?

Los said...

Cape May was like this in November, when Schue and I went there ... almost totally empty ... but still fun.

Sandi said...

It sounds like Davey Dogs is on the right track regaring showing someone you love them all the time. I actually disliked Valentine's Day even more when I was married. When I was single I bunch of us singletons would get together for dinner and drinks on V-day and celebrate our singledom. Married, we always spent it quietly at home and I threatened divorce if John bought me those overpriced, dead in two days, roses.

Lisa said...

rara -- we're staying at the iberostar bavaro ... just us, we'll make friends there. :-)

los -- yeah, the shore is like a modern day ghost town in the winter

sandi -- thanks for the email update!! looking forward to seeing you soon!

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

I love that you are loving Mr.Davey Dogs. I also love how you described him as someone who makes you want to do the worm across the room. That is about 1 million times funnier than "licking the walls".

I'm glad you had a nice romantic time together. I'm sure you'll have many more to come!