Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The "Groan-a" Lisa

I have been way out of touch with blog world for what seems like foreverahhhhh. OK, it's been a week. Anyway, I'm in Kentucky for business again and no matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to find enjoyment in my travels this week. Here's the lowdown on Lisa-land:
  • The hotel has had no wireless service since Sunday. I'm pissed that I even know that .... that means I've been here since Sunday, which means half of my weekend was gobbled up by work travel. Dammit.
  • Louisville had a snow storm last night, averaging about 3 inches of snow. The whole city was shut down last night and all day today. I'm seriously surprised ... this isn't Florida. In fact, it's practically on the same latitude as Pennsylvania and other snow states. The worst part is that nobody here knows about snow parties.
  • I'm 300 pages into my book, and I can't figure out why I keep reading. So far, everything I've read could've been written in about 2 pages. At this point, there are no book stores open, no bars open in walking distance, and nothing good on any of the 6 TV channels at this hotel. They practically have billboards announcing they have "HBO." BFD!! What the hell does HBO have anymore since "Sex and The City", "Six Feet Under" and "The Sopranos" are done? Nothing, I say! Absoluely nothing. Oh, I'm sorry ..... we could all be watching "The Last Mimzy" right now. What the fruck is a Mimzy???
  • By the way, the book I'm reading is "Atonement." I'm not sure I understand how they got a whole movie out of this story ... maybe a You Tube "short", but a movie???? I'm thinking (and hoping) the next 300 pages will reveal McEwan's storytelling genius. If literary genius is being able to say "She saw her older sister flirting with the pool boy" in over 150 pages, then move over Shakespeare -- we've found a replacement.
  • A few minutes ago, I could hear a woman ouside my door in the hallway on her cell phone. I decided to take a minute out of my busy schedule (of sitting around by myself, for the third night in a row, doing important stuff like staring at my feet and horse pictures), to spy on her through the peephole. She was crying -- no, sobbing -- because her flight was cancelled and she's stuck here for another night. I truly felt bad for her as she begged for the person on the other end of the line to help her. She was praying for a miracle to be delivered by the Gods of flying standby. (By the way, I'm quite proud that I refrained from opening the door and suggesting the airport may be a better place for her to catch a standby. The last I heard there are no flights leaving from the 4th floor of our hotel.)
  • Anyhow, if that happens to me tomorrow, I can give you my solemn promise that I'll throw my head back and scream like a 2-year old.
  • Oh, and I'm hormonal ... can you tell?!?!?!!
Alrighty, I've bitched enough. But hey misery loves company ..... care to join me in a rant? What's making you feel belligerent (touche' Carolina!) these days???? Get it outta your system before Valentine's Day comes around when we're all supposed to hug, kiss and sing a few rounds of kumbaya.


Sandi said...

Oh, you don't even want to know about my day. Check out the blog.

Lisa said...

Sandi -- You win! That seriously sucks. It sucks even worse than this: I've never ordered the lobster mac n cheese on the menu here (even though it sounds delish) because just the thought of it makes me gain 10 pounds. Tonight, I decided some comfort food would be a good cure for my miserable mood. Well, it tastes like a $28 dirty sock.

Los said...

The only rant that I really have is that the laptop I bought Schue has been giving us mucho problems since we got it. First, the DVD player wouldn't function - I chatted with Gateway, and they helped fix it. Then, the DVD player wouldn't work again, and I tried reinstalling the drivers, which basically made other things not work. Again, I solicited help from Gateway, and this time, they were awful. I ended up finding out what I had to do online, and removed a couple of files, and it worked beautifully.

Oh, and we have a futon in our dining room. We got new furniture last weekend, and we thought a friend would be taking the futon - unfortunately, he didn't, and now, it's still in our dining room. Sigh.

carymc said...

"What the fuck is a Mimzy?" HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Whatever they are, you don't have to worry about them anymore.. thankfully.

Funny rant.

Kelly said...

I saw Atonement this week - not a half bad movie.

Rant? how about that the kids were let go from school ysterday at 10:45 AM because of the weather that didn't start until 4:00 PM. AND we were not made aware they would be released at 10:45 until 10 f'ing 25! ANd guess what the F else? THEY ARE HOME TODAY AGAIN TOO! FOR RAIN!!!!

schue said...

Well,Sunday our power went out for a few hours,then again last night. There hasnt been a train on-time since Monday morning,and we had an ice storm.Good times.

Anonymous said...

you must come south to the land of wiggly-tooth people who smell of.... and we can groan together. kat

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

I am laughing because we posted the most opposite of blogs today! How funny!

I'm sorry its so crummy right now. I probably would have said something to the lady in the hall, but then, I'm not always nice.

I hope it all gets better. (*)