Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Woeful Shoe Shopper

Dear people who make women's shoes:

Not every woman buying shoes is a stripper. Some of us are clumsy and want our big Fred Flinstone toes to feel comfortable in our shoes. We also need to wear shoes that are appropriate for jobs that don't involve swinging on a pole. As much as we love sparkles, could you please give us options that don't have sequins ...

ruffles .....

lucite .....

gladiator straps .... (which are sometimes cute, but always synonmous with blisters)

ties that go up to your knee ....

or big metallic studs? (Please see "gladiator straps")

I'd also like to mention that wearing ginormous heels makes me too tall. If I wanted to be that high up in the air, I'd get on a ladder ... not strap it to my foot.

Where are the shoes that have a modest heel, in normal colors, and are stylish but not over-the-top? Because I went shoe shopping yesterday and was actually quite sad to find that the choices are pretty much limited to stripper heels or ballerina flats.

On a positive note, I'll say that you're making some nice boots. But please, get the shoe thing together.

Desperately Seeking a Good Shoe


Los said...

Obviously, I have no experience with buying heels.

Lora said...

I find myself browsing the Naturalizers and Aerosoles more and more as the years slip by.

So sad.

Call me "grandma" and I'd probably answer

schue said...

You better watch the Fred Flinstone toe comment - Sammi "sweetheart" from the Jersey Shore got really upset when her boyfriend told her she had a FF toe. hahahaa.

baronessvonb said...

Babs: Where you be shoe shopping, girl?? At the Shana Sand Emporium of Awesomeness?

But I get what you mean. The thing I hate? The snub-nosed pump. Seriously - I think it went out with the flapper era. Let's evolve a little here, designers!!

Nice to see you back, hon!