Friday, October 2, 2009

Cow Chip Bingo

OK, here's a new one.

Was having a few happy hour cocktails with some friends this evening when I innocently asked "so what are you guys up to this weekend?"

"Oh, tomorrow we're going to Cow Chip Bingo."

I thought they said "Couch Bingo," ... so naturally I replied "now that's my kind of sport!"

As the conversation unfolded, I learned it is indeed -- neither a couch nor a traditional bingo. Discuss!

The way it goes is this:

  • there are some blocks in a rather sketchy neighborhood in southwest Philly roped off for a street festival

  • a playground in the midst of it all is also blocked off

  • the playground is turned into a "bingo board"

  • ~4,000 blocks are sold for $20 each .... all for charity, but the winner gets $20,000

  • the faux bingo board slash playground is roped off, and a cow is let loose within the perimeter to walk around on top of the bingo blocks

  • the cow is given 2 hours to poop on a bingo block

  • wherever he/she poops --- first poop -- winner gets $20,000

  • pee doesn't count

  • if the poop straddles a block (not landing within a single block), then lots of rules apply. It all depends on which block has more poop (and there are rules about how many centimeters of poop have to be on each block) -- the prize may be split depending on how/where it lands.

  • if the cow doesn't poop on a bingo block after 2 hours, 4 numbers are drawn and each ticket holder wins $5,000

Is this crazy or is it just me? We're not talking cattle-breeding Texas-longhorn country -- this is Southwest Philly!!!

If I weren't going to Maryland tomorrow, I'd be there with my camera!


Momish said...

I heard about this before! Totally crazy, especially in an urban setting. Still, I'd be there too! That's a lot of money and it doesn't seem to be bothering the cow much.

schue said...

omg...the southern parts of the city always seem to amaze me. I guess this would not happen in Rittenhouse Square.

Los said...

They had these events in Penn State - I can't believe you've never heard of this before!

bubbasmom said...

Gosh, I thought that kind of thing only went on down here in the South. Our FFA chapter has cow-chip bingo for a fundraiser, but they sure don't offer $20 large! The best thing they ever had was a 4-wheeler, which, of course, we didn't win...