Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rock On ... Rock Out

Much to my dismay, Creed has reunited to release a new album (do they still call them albums?) and go on tour this summer.

I don't care about the touring part, but I do care that my ears will be assaulted if I listen to the radio -- just as they were with this and this.

And what's with the Grateful Dead touring? How are they even still a band without Jerry Garcia? And who goes to those shows? I really don't get it.

There are, however, some tours that would interest me. Some are rumored, some are confirmed:
  • No Doubt - Go Gwen!!
  • Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (Yeah!!!!! One of my favorite bands of all time)
  • U2 - never saw them, so they're on my list
  • The Stones -- Saw them, would definitely go again. I know at least one person who probably would too. (Ahem ... Los?)
I would also like to see Il Divo perform, but they seem more appropos for Christmas-time, for some reason.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa: Dunno how much youi are into 80's music, but this summer *supposedly* we will be seeing a reunion tour from Triumph!

Your sister said...

What? Britney's not on your list of "must sees"? Shocking :)

Gwen said...

I actually kbow a few people who just went to see the Dead. It's a really big deal for some people, apparently. I don't get it either.

Here are the bands/musicians I would go see:

Def Lepard
Green Day
Billy Joel
Lionel Richie

I'm sure there are more, but those are the ones that come to mind. I'm weird, I know.

Sandi said...

I loathe the Dead--they must be like 135 years old now.

I will go to see U2 with you. I've seen them several times and LOVE THEM. They do great concerts.

I love No Doubt, too.

schue said...

I actually wanna see Britney....All eyes on me in the center of the ring just like Circus!!!

Lisa said...

Anon - YES, I do deeply dig 80s music! Who are we so we can chat about it?

Sista - I would definitely see Britney, believe it or not. You know I like costumes and dancing just as much as serious rock n roll.

Gwen -- I saw Def Leopard back in the height of the hair band rage. And I soooo love Lionel Ritchie!!! Big hearts all over for him.

Sandi - Let's chat about U2.

Schue - When Brit tix come around, let's do it. Another DOF ... and this time we won't go to the wrong arena.

Lisa said...

Anon -- I mean to say, who are YOU ... not who are we. That would be a dumb thing to say.

Lora said...

I saw No Doubt on AI (don't judge me) last night and just about peed my pants. They were just in town (AC, I think) but will definitely be seeing them if they come closer.

Los said...

Agreed - Creed nauseates me ... was there really such a demand for them to get back together, and why?

I'd love to see Petty, maybe Bruce, definitely U2, and I'd also like to see the Kinks ... it goes without saying I'd like to see the Stones (maybe in '10).

Anonymous said...

hey Sandi .... You listen to No Doubt, WTF? how can someone who listens to such crap even begin to understand the Grateful Dead? How effn gay does No Doubt look AND sound?

schue said...

Who wants to go to a concert with 50-60 year old "dead heads" making grilled cheeses and "pot brownies" grow the f up and take a shower, dead heads...effn loser

Cary said...

Creed sucks hard. They and Nickelback will be the house bands in Hell.