Thursday, August 14, 2008


Yesterday I returned from a 4-day biz trip to Chicago. What a great trip!! I had only been to Chicago once before about 10 years ago, but I'd forgotten how much I really loved the city.

My hotel was right on the Magnificent Mile, and the weather was absolutely beautiful the whole time .... I even got to get out and enjoy it despite spending several hours couped up in a conference room.

The pics (from my pre-historic camera) actually turned out quite mahvelous .....

across the street from my hotel ... a view of the river

beautiful architecture

a mirrored sculpture in Millenium Park

There was a very interesting series of garden sculptures up and down Michigan Avenue. Various artists were sponsored to created busts using materials you wouldn't normally find in a garden. I was completely fascinated by these things and took pictures of every single one of them (probably 15-20 total). My plan is to make a photo collage to hang somewhere ... maybe in my kitchen or office. Here are a few of the garden sculptures .....

These were called "Bubble Girls"

Made from keys

More traditional garden materials, but stunning nonetheless

Leather and hair extensions

Coke and Diet Coke cans

I definitely won't wait another 10 years to return!!!


SGM said...

Welcome back!

If I recall corretly, I was on that trip 10 years ago.

Chicago is my fav city. It is a city I have always wanted to live in, but never gotten the chance - maybe some day.

schue said...

omg - the dresses are cool...looks like project runway.

Los said...

I've never been to Chicago - I'd love to go sometime ... preferably in the summer.

Sandi said...

I used to commute to Chicago from New York frequently when I still worked in advertising. Our biggest client was there. It's a great city.

Robin said...

I love visiting Chicago! Thje shopping and bars and people watching are awesome! Love the pics of the various dresses especially Diet Coke! Ra

Anonymous said...

Wow, they didn't have those dresses when I went a few years ago. I like the Coke dress best. The one that sort of creeped me out was the hair extention one.

Did you go shopping? I loved the shops!

HM (from MySpace)

well read hostes said...

You take the best trips.

The only trips a high school English teacher takes are to the copy machine or the cafeteria (or the psychologist to get prescriptions filled).

Dona said...

I have a dress EXACTLY like the one with all the keys!! OMG. They told me it was one of a kind!

Your sister said...

Chicago looks like a great city...Is it just me or does the mirrored sculpture slightly resmble a big Junior Mint? - Love the dresses - they look like a Project Runway challenge...:)